Mary Jane Distracts from Pain


Mary Jane Distracts from Pain

Contradictory to popular belief, marijuana does not seem to be a pain killer. Instead, it seems to function as a pain distractor. Read on to find out about chili peppers, THC, and not giving a flying horse crap about your burning hand

“Life need not …

“Life need not be easy provided only that it was not empty.”

Lise Meitner, nuclear physicist, is best known for her work on radioactivity and nuclear energy (maybe in the form of a bomb, but we won’t go there…)

As I look around in our class, I see many women of extraordinary talent, wit, and creativity. Let yourself be inspired by great women scientists before you, but also don’t let yourself feel inferior. We are all unique and differently gifted. For those of us who are not capable of being nuclear physicists, there still exists enormous potential for greatness.

To you, Lise Meitner and to the wonderful ladies in Innovations.

Promoting Sexual Education One Species at a Time


Propagating Sexual Education One Species at a Time

Yesterday I posted what I considered to be jaw-dropping info about kinky animals. Well, today will be no different. When one searches “animal sex” on Google, many search results lead you down, err, unscientific paths. But, look for just the right link and the entire eye-opening world of animal bedroom behavior lies at your fingertips.

Why is this so intriguing to me? I’m not quite sure. Perhaps it has to do with fleshing out the personalities of our neighbors in the animal kingdom. Maybe it has to do with seeking a simple, tasteless laugh. But whatever the case, I bet you haven’t spent much time pondering virgin births, sneaky penises, and the the immune-boosting effects of getting around since Sunday school, high school dances, and your last case of mono, respectively… I think.

Take a peak at this link and scroll to the headlines at the bottom of the page. You want it? It’s there. You don’t want it, I don’t blame you. You’re probably not ready for this jelly.



Not what you think, but still rather, well…mind-blowing.

Plus, oceanography isn’t often discussed by us land-locked Kentuckians (Hail, Transylvania!), but combines science from many disciplines. Thus, oceanography=awesome. These worms=well, you’ll see!

Wild in the Sack

ImageWIthout going into great detail, people have fetishes. Some fetishes have become well known to the average person; other’s should always remain jokes on Family Guy, South Park, and Tosh.0.

But what happens when our favorite animals take a walk on the wild side? Kinky giraffes and horny hippos are just a click away.

Must Watch Documentary

As someone who cares greatly about primary and secondary education in the US and who is an avid fan of Netflix, my boyfriend and I came across this documentary today. Please… Watch it. If you have Netflix, it’s available for streaming.

Prepare to be astonished… In the worst way.