Guys, it’s your turn…

Guys, it's your turn...

I’m posting this for two reasons: first, I love the science and story of this much-needed innovation; second, you’ll be hearing much more about this from K-Hizzle and I on Tuesday. Read, love, and guys, please don’t be too afraid.


3 responses to “Guys, it’s your turn…”

  1. cjmiller14 says :

    This could be really great, especially since birth control pills (for women) can have SO many side effects!

  2. kmdailey13 says :

    not to mention it gets into your pocket every month! and note to all females or guys with girlfriends who are on the pill many places like Walgreens and Rite Aid will switch women to generic pills because if they get a certain number on the generic pills they get some sort of reward… this is chancing 20% of having an UH-OH so ladies check your BC ( heard this from one of my CNA friends from the OBGYN she works for because apparently there have been about 25 uh-ohs in the office because of this)

  3. gainzy7 says :

    1) That’s a sweet picture 2) It’s about time.

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