Not what you think, but still rather, well…mind-blowing.

Plus, oceanography isn’t often discussed by us land-locked Kentuckians (Hail, Transylvania!), but combines science from many disciplines. Thus, oceanography=awesome. These worms=well, you’ll see!


3 responses to “Bone-Drilling?”

  1. h4rr7h00d says :

    There’s a quote from the movie Jurassic Park that comes to mind when reading this article–“Life finds a way.”

  2. themarnatt says :

    I wanted to find a video of this in action. Dont think there is much to see This video talks about it just a little bit but basically only says there are multiple species of these worms, many of which have not been scientifically named.

  3. bsly2013 says :

    Perfect quote by Andy. Nice video Nick.

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