Wild in the Sack

ImageWIthout going into great detail, people have fetishes. Some fetishes have become well known to the average person; other’s should always remain jokes on Family Guy, South Park, and Tosh.0.

But what happens when our favorite animals take a walk on the wild side? Kinky giraffes and horny hippos are just a click away.


8 responses to “Wild in the Sack”

  1. jtjohnson13 says :

    no thanks hahaha

  2. zjbynum14 says :

    I couldn’t help but laugh when that was the very first thing that showed up for me to see.

  3. cbfant13 says :

    My job: to make all laugh.

  4. cbfant13 says :

    My success rate: minimal.

  5. kehizny13 says :

    These giraffes humping each other really brings out your background picture of dogs humping each other..I see a pattern.

  6. Sam Murphy says :

    This was flat out hilarious. Really funny that animals have intricacies such as these as well.

  7. nxmelgar says :

    I came across this article and couldn’t help but think of all your animal sex posts… http://io9.com/fruit-bats-enjoy-cunnilingus-too-463946337

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