Must Watch Documentary

As someone who cares greatly about primary and secondary education in the US and who is an avid fan of Netflix, my boyfriend and I came across this documentary today. Please… Watch it. If you have Netflix, it’s available for streaming.

Prepare to be astonished… In the worst way.


4 responses to “Must Watch Documentary”

  1. olivebecks says :

    Very very astonishing… I never pay much attention to what is going on in the school systems and I need to be more empathetic towards it… Very good documentary.

  2. bsly2013 says :

    We watched this last night. So depressing. I would never have the patience to do this kind of work. I thought the discussion about whether or not high school students, or other non-scientists, are truly able to identify “strengths and weaknesses”. I’m sure this offends many, but, I think, is an important and misunderstood point.

  3. gainzy7 says :

    It’s hard to imagine issues like this still exist. I think religion does not have a place in PUBLIC matters. That’s why there are schools that subscribe to religious views.

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