Facial Reconstruction Using Discarded DNA

Facial Reconstruction Using Discarded DNA

If you’re not a serial killer, homicidal maniac, foxy thief of the night, or other master criminal mastermind, it’s likely you don’t spend much time thinking about what story your discarded DNA tells. Heather Dewey-Hagborg amplifies mitochondrial DNA from cigarette butts, room, Etc. At this point, she examines about 40 different alleles to develop a model to be sculpted by a 3-D printer.


3 responses to “Facial Reconstruction Using Discarded DNA”

  1. h4rr7h00d says :

    I guess her art makes you think about your own daily actions and the effects you create. It’s interesting how art and science can merge.

  2. olivebecks says :

    I absolutely love when various disciplines emerge. I myself have lost touch with pretty much everything besides science these days because of the BSC effect, this was interesting to read about, who would have thought…

  3. cbfant13 says :

    I wish I could “like” both of your comments!

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