Dog Mourns Death of Beaver Friend

Not specifically science related, but I found  this link on the Huffington Post. Check it out and cry/be amazed at your dog’s apparent capacity to love. I’m going with the behavioralist’s black box here…


Dog Mourns Death of Beaver Friend


4 responses to “Dog Mourns Death of Beaver Friend”

  1. kehizny13 says :

    The link doesn’t work, but I guess I believe you..

  2. jtjohnson13 says :

    Cats would never do this.

  3. Sam Murphy says :

    Well I could follow the link but I found the article myself and it’s quite the tale of friendship. While cats will always have a place in my heart you cannot deny the undying loyalty of a dog, and that (in my opinion) is what makes them the better pet.

    Also: there was an article in the Huffington post about our incident with local gangs during humans vs. zombies. I didn’t participate myself, but I found that pretty wild.

  4. cbfant13 says :

    I don’t know why I continually fail at posting links on here!!!

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