The obscene profits of commercial scholarly publishers

A snip-it of Elsevier’s crazy profits…

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In an article that many of you will now have seen, Heather Morrison demonstrated the enormous profits of STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) scholarly publishers.  The figures are taken from her in-progress dissertation which in turn cites an article in The Economist.  It all checks out.  I emphasise this because I found the figures so hard to believe.  Here they are again: profits as a percentage of revenue for commercial STM publishers in 2010 or early 2011:

  • Elsevier: £724m on revenue of £2b — 36%
  • Springer‘s Science+Business Media: £294m on revenue of £866m — 33.9%
  • John Wiley & Sons: $106m on revenue of $253m — 42%
  • Academic division of Informa plc: £47m on revenue of £145m — 32.4%

So it’s evident that profits on the order of 35% are pretty typical for commercial STM publishers, and that Elsevier’s figures are not an aberration.  Not only…

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2 responses to “The obscene profits of commercial scholarly publishers”

  1. themarnatt says :

    I still cant believe libraries pay well over 1 million dollars for a bundle of scientific journals. I always got mad at $35 an article, I had no idea the amount of money that was really going to these companies.

  2. keshain14 says :

    I knew it was bad, but seeing the actually numbers is just sickening. Great post! Depressing, but great :).

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