Commuter Dogs

Many of you (probably all of you) know about my obsession with dogs and my attempts to essentially treat mine like children. Yes, I know, I am a bit odd. But today I checked out the FB blog “I Fucking Love Science” and discovered that some dogs in Moscow have learned to ride the metro. Apart from seeming ridiculous, amazing, and a bit fictional at first, this also poses some interesting scientific questions.

For instance, how might these dogs’ brains function and/or physically differ from other feral dogs? Can we observe these dogs as a means to understand the original feral to tame transition of canines? Finally, what social behaviors allow these dogs to function in these highly urbanized packs?


3 responses to “Commuter Dogs”

  1. kehizny13 says :

    I bet those dogs voted for Putin

  2. Sam Murphy says :

    That is certainly an interesting observation and question. I think a Wyss approach could be beneficial by bringing in biologists and animal psychologists into the fold to analyze this. Perhaps a chemist too, just to muck things up.

  3. rmkaufman13 says :

    I’d heard of this before, yet one thing I think is even neater is that coyotes are starting to use some public transportation systems in the U.S.; I like the coyote one because it is an animal we haven’t domesticated. Maybe the dogs had a ‘leg up’ when learning the subway because they were so used to us?

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